Meet the Staff


Tara became a Registered Animal Health Technologist after graduating from the University College of the Caribou in 1998. Tara joined the Shaw Pet Hospitals team in December of 2003. At home Tara is owned by 5 year old cat named "Spud."



Kristin VandelooKristin became a Veterinary Technician after graduating from Seneca College in Toronto in 2002. She has been part of the Shaw Pet Hospitals team since 2003. Kristin is owned by an adorable little Rat Terrier named "Jada" whom she adopted just before joining our team.



Jody M.Jody began grooming in 1985 and started at Shaw Pet Hospitals in 2002. Jody expertly grooms all breeds of both cats and dogs according to breed specifications or to individual preference. She has a special touch for those pets that are not too fond of being groomed, and pays particular attention to detail. When she is not busy making pets look their best Jody can usually be found with her 15 year old son, Dale, her 11 year old Canadian special dog "Shadoe" and her 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier "Crockett" at the nearest lacrosse box tossing the ball around.



CatherineCatherine has been working as a receptionist at Shaw Pet Hospitals since graduating from Parkland secondary school in 2000. She has recently finished her 4th year at the University of Victoria studying biology. Catherine is interested in exotic pet and equine medicine as well as wildlife conservation, and has spent many hours volunteering at wildlife rehabilitation centers. Catherine enjoys almost any outdoor activity and sports including horseback riding, volleyball, badminton, and tennis. At home Catherine has a barrage of furry and feathered friends: "Kiedis" and "Monkee" 2 young cats adopted from our adoption program, "Kitty" a 13 year old tabby cat, and "Pip," a an 11 year old cockatiel.



Philip MurphyPhilip has been working as the bookkeeper at Shaw Pet Hospitals since 2001. Before joining us, Philip worked as a controller for a distribution company for 5 years and as the controller for a cable TV company for 15 years. Philip studied business at McMaster University in Ontario for 2 years and was a Dean's honour list student. Philip lives with his wife, their two children and his father as well as several furry friends. Philip's 4 cats are: "Bella" - 2 years old, "Madison" - 10 years old, "Al" - 2 years old (adopted from our adoption program) and "Phatti" - 2 years old (also adopted from our adoption program.) Philip also has a 2 year old German Shepherd named "Lui" that he adopted from our adoption program. When Philip isn't at work he enjoys reading, traveling, watching the stock markets and reflecting on the days when he ran marathons in several countries around the world.



Michelle, a Registered Animal Health Technician, graduated from Olds College in 2001. She has been a member of the Shaw Pet Hospitals team since 2001. At home Michelle is ruled by 3 of her own cats, "Atticus," "Willow" and "Rafiki" and is fostering a 4th cat "Lizzie." When not working, Michelle can be found volunteering at the Island Wildlife Natural Care Center on Salt Spring Island caring for orphaned/injured wildlife, but particularly harbour seal pups. She also enjoys traveling abroad to work with both Asian and African elephants, various primates and Asian bear species. Michelle recently returned from a volunteer trip to New Orleans where she was working with animal victims of Hurricane Katrina.


Kathy T.Kathy started working for Shaw Pet Hospitals in June 2004. She has been at the Hollywood location as receptionst for 2 years now. A love of animals and knowing that this sort of work appealed to her it was a natural fit. Kathy is married with no kids but they have recently adopted a Miniature Australian Sheperd named "Ozzy" who comes to work with her to earn his meals and gain trust in the world again. In the past Kathy has been owned by 2 previous dogs, "Tippy" a sheltie cross and "Max" a Lab/Whippet who was official Best Man and Ring Bearer at their wedding. In her spare time Kathy loves to relax by cooking, watching movies and getting "out and about" with the dog.


Louise has been working as a receptionist at Shaw Pet Hospitals since 2002. She and her husband have a very busy household with 3 teenage children and a menagerie of pets that include "Oddyssy" a border collie that ran with the Great Canadian Hotdogs for a time. 2 Cats "Panda" & "Rambo", an African Grey Parrot named "Lady Bird" (but would be rightfully named "Miss Piggy") and last but not least, 2 lizards "Spike," a Bearded Dragon, and "Ivy," a Chinese Water Dragon. Prior to working for Shaw Pet Hospitals Louise was the proud proprietor of Wiskers & Waggs Pet Supplies in Sooke BC. Her passion lies within the exotics and she practiced parrot husbandry for several years.



MarshaMarsha has been working as a receptionist and technician’s assistant at Shaw Pet Hospitals since 2005. Marsha has always loved animals and has a zoo of them at home. She is currently fostering an injured cat for the Local SPCA, and she is looking after 3 other special needs dogs. Marsha has also recently acquired a bunny which she adopted from the SPCA. Marsha hopes to continue on learning within the veterinary field so that she can help as many animals in need as possible.



MiguelMiguel was born and raised in the Laguna, Philippines. He moved to Victoria in 2001 after graduating from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of the Philippines Los Banos. He has been working as a Veterinary Technician at our Central Saanich location while he still is in the process of acquiring veterinary certification to become a license veterinarian in Canada. During his final year in veterinary school, Miguel went to Dubai Equine Hospital in the United Arab Emirates for his veterinary externship training where he worked extensively with Dubai's finest race horses under the direct supervision of board certified equine surgeon and veterinarians. He also went to Connecticut, USA for his small animal medicine, critical care/emergency and ophthalmology externship.

His wife, Mai Mai who is still in the Philippines will soon be joining him in Victoria where they plan to settle down and start and raise a family. Miguel has a year and a half old flirty cockatiel named Kikay (hence the name as translated in Filipino). Back home, he and Mai Mai have a six year old smooth haired dachshund called Nikki which they've had since she was a puppy.

Miguel's interests are small animal and equine surgery, dentistry and emergency medicine. He also has a special interest in avian and some exotics. In fact, he enjoyed his wildlife rotation during his final year in veterinary school at the Philippine Raptor Center where he gained experience working with the now endangered Philippine eagle (also known as Monkey-Eating Eagle) and where he also did some falconry.

He loves the island life and enjoys hiking, rock climbing, surfing, playing tennis, reading books and watching movies.

I have just started working in boarding, having just finished high school. I have a horse named Pablo and a mini- horse named King Arthur. I also have two dogs named Buddy and Skiddor, as well as a few cats. My life is mostly with my horses and working. Working in boarding has been a great experience for me.


I graduated from Royal Roads University with a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science, and have a lot of outdoors experience. After several years of environmental work, I thought I would like to return to my first love of animals and so I am now working as a Vet Assistant. I am hoping to continue with this and become certified as an Animal Health Technician, after I have a bit more experience behind me. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, swimming, and yoga, among many other activities. Since I work at a veterinary clinic, one of the first things I want to do is get a dog. I will spend the rest of my time convincing myself that I really don’t need to adopt every animal that comes through the doors


I'm new to Victoria as of this summer. I moved from Powell River to attend UVic, where I'm in my first year of sciences. I have two horses, Carey a purebred Arabian whom I have had for 12years, and my new event prospect Esprit a 5 yr old Arab/Canadian cross. I have been riding since I was very young, and have always had a house full of dogs, two of which were validated for Search and Rescue. In my spare time I love to spend time with my horses, trail riding, eventing, and dressage.


I am a Veterinary Assistant of Christine Little. That means that I help her out with anything that she needs, for example, lab work, monitoring animals, prescription preparation and anything else she might need done. I volunteered at Central Saanich for about and year and then went to school to become a AHT for a year. Outside of work I dance and choreograph for dance schools and figure skaters. I also was a show jumper and am now trying dressage.


Tamara was born in South Africa and lived there until she was eight years old. She came to Canada in 1998 after spending 4 years sailing on a 40-foot catamaran with her family. Tamara joined the Shaw Pet Hospital team in June of 2006 and has loved every minute of it! Once Tamara has completed her bachelor of science she plans to head of to the University of Saskatchewan to become a doctor of veterinary medicine. Tamara failed fostering 101 when she adopted Papi, a very handsome feral kitten. Papi's aunty LuLu came to Tamara as a neglected stray 4 years ago. Tamara also has a extremely noisy guinea pig appropriately named Pig and a very lovely bunny named Gizmo.


I grew up in Victoria and in 2005 I completed a BSc in Biology from the University of Victoria. After graduating from university I took time off and lived and worked in Ireland and Australia. I traveled through Europe and Asia and volunteered with elephants in Thailand, penguins in Australia, and other exciting wildlife in Greece. In my free time I enjoy volunteering at WildARC, a wildlife rehabilitation center, figure skating with my synchro team, camping and hiking, and spending time with my two cats, Jade and Cally.

Julie R.Julie
Julie is the veterinary assistant to Dr. Lainson. She has been working with us since September 2006 and now hopes to become a Animal Health Technician after upgrading some classes in school. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her pets, a 2 year old boxer named "Jasmine" and her 3 cats.

Sarah G.
Sarah G.Sarah recently joined us as our new kennel manager after moving here from Edmonton. She hopes to go into equine veterinary medicine at the new facility in Calgary in the next couple of years to follow in her Dad's veterinary footsteps. Recently married, Sarah and her husband have a Dutch Warmblood named "Bayli" and the family cat "Mookie". Having grown up on the family farm, always surrounded by animals, working in a clinic feels like a natural step in life for her.

Adawn F.
AdawnAdawn came to us fresh out of school in December 2006 after completing her Veterinary Office Management program. She is now a receptionist at our Vetcetera location and a Night-time Ward person at Central Saanich. Arriving from Kelowna, she brings with her 2 cats, 2 degu's, 2 rats and 2 fish. In her spare time she enjoys painting and making jewellery as well as reading and taking one of her cats on walks to the park. In the future she would love to become a Animal Health Technician.

Caitlin R.
CaitlinCaitlin moved from Ontario to Victoria in 2006 to be closer to her family. She attended St. Lawrence college in Kingston Ontario where she graduated from their Veterinary Assistant program. A self proclaimed night owl, she's been working the night shift since May 2007 which allows her to avoid waking up early in the morning. When not at work she enjoys spending her free time with her two cats Logan and Mona, drawing a weekly comic strip for the University of Victoria paper the Martlet, reading anything she can get her hands on, watching movies and playing videos games.

Michelle H.  
My name is Michelle Harrison and I started working here in August 2007, I graduated from Insignia School of Business and Health with my Veterinary Office Management Diploma in 2005. I am originally from Duncan but have lived in Victoria most of my life. I am currently owned by 7 cats, 1 dog, and 1 bird; Zepher, Makaiia, Pepe Lepeau, Kimba, Chalis, Dusty, Panther, Lilea, and Meako. I plan on expanding my knowledge on animal science to do my part to benefit the team.
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