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Info for Referring Veterinarians

Thank you for considering referral of your patient to Shaw Pet Hospitals

To refer a case to us please complete and fax a referral form available here. To refer a hyperthyroid cat for I-131 therapy, please complete and fax the special I-131 referal form available here.

Some services we offer include

I131 for hyperthyroid cats: The most widely accepted method of permanently curing cats with thyroid adenomas

Orthopedic surgery: Including bone plating, Interlocking Nails, External fixators, TPLO. We offer flouroscopy to enhance our intraoperative imaging and in some cases permit minimally invasive orthopedic repairs.

24 hour Critical Care: Including a DVM and Technician on duty at our Central Saanich Animal Hospital location  from 8:30am each  morning until at least 1 am the following morning  and a technician or trained attendant to care for hospitalized cases throughout the night.

Endoscopy and Laparoscopy: We have 15 different sizes and styles of flexible and rigid video endoscopes allowing  us to examine virtually every orafice and body cavity. In addition to diagnostic techniques we have successfully employed our scopes in therapeutic  procedures such as thoracoscopic thoracic duct ligation and pericardectomy, laparoscopic assisted  gastropexy and many more complex procedures using our scopes.

Diagnostic Ultrasound: After attending several short courses on cardiac and abdominal ultrasound and employing  the  methods learned on a daily basis for several years, Dr Shaw has gained a level of expertise in the area of diagnostic ultrasound.  In addition to his experience, we have rapid access to consultations with Board Certified Radiologist Dr. Ryan King and Tufts University Veterinary College and we can obtain referral reports from Dr. King based on our ultrasound or digital xray images, usually within 12 to 24 hours.

ChemoTherapy:   If you do not offer chemotherapy in your practice or if you do not want to deal with these potentially hazerdous pharmaceuticals, you might consider referring to us.



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