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 Support Staff

Shaw Pet Hospital wouldn't be the same without everyone of these dedicated animal lovers. They work long and hard hours, always seeking to better their knowledge and ability to the benefit of your pets. But have no fear, there's always a moment to hug a pet or enjoy some of the Victoria scenery.


icn_philip_murphy.jpg   Philip

Philip has been working as the bookkeeper at Shaw Pet Hospitals since 2001. Before joining us, Philip worked as a controller for a distribution company for 5 years and as the controller for a cable TV company for 15 years. Philip studied business at McMasterUniversity in Ontario for 2 years and was a Dean's honour list student. Philip lives with his wife, their two children and his father as well as several furry friends. Philip's 4 cats are: "Bella" - 2 years old, "Madison" - 10 years old, "Al" - 2 years old (adopted from our adoption program) and "Phatti" - 2 years old (also adopted from our adoption program.) Philip also has a 2 year old German Shepherd named "Lui" that he adopted from our adoption program. When Philip isn't at work he enjoys reading, traveling, watching the stock markets and reflecting on the days when he ran marathons in several countries around the world.


 Joan came to Shaw Pet Hospitals recently in the position of Office Manager. Having started out as a technician she worked her way into management with a large emergency hospital. Her always chipper attitude and daily email weather reports help to keep our hospital system running smoothly.


Katelyn - Project Manager

Katelyn came to Shaw Pet Hospitals (SPH) in 2007 from Vermont, USA, where she was the office manager and head technician at a large equine referral hospital. She has a BA in creative writing and communication arts from Skidmore College in New York. Katelyn has a strong background in everything equine, having graduated from Pony Club in her younger years, and having worked as a stable manager and professional groom. Her prior experience in various customer service roles, from retail sales to restaurant management, helped prepare her for the challenges of the veterinary profession. She started at SPH as Dr. Shaw’s assistant out of Central Saanich Animal Hospital, and now works at all three locations as the Project Manager.

When not working, Katelyn enjoys warm travel, scuba, reading, movies, horses, and never having to wait tables again. She and her husband share space with three adopted cats, Suki, Flava-Flav, and Dagwood, one adopted Irish Terrier, Flynn, and the ghost of Mr. Keegan, the best dog ever.

Chris D ChrisD.jpg

Chris joined Shaw Pet hospitals in December 2009 to administer the Information Systems and computer hardware. Having relocated from South Africa in 2008 with his familiy, he's passionate about animals as well as technology.  An early adopter, Chris is always keen to develop technical solutions in ways that improve staff efficiency and customer service.  Future challenges include improvements to the content and currency of this Web site and to look at improved ways of marketing Shaw Pet and Equine Hospitals to new customers.

Pictured here with 'Blue' his Ragdoll kitty (found though Used Victoria as 'Depressed Cat in Nanaimo in '08) he's very much the Boss of the household!




Miguel was born and raised in Laguna, Philippines. He moved to Victoria in 2001 after graduating from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of the Philippines Los Banos. He has been working as a Veterinary Technician at our Central Saanich location while he still is in the process of acquiring veterinary certification to become a licensed veterinarian in Canada. During his final year in veterinary school, Miguel went to Dubai Equine Hospital in the United Arab Emirates for his veterinary externship training where he worked extensively with Dubai’s finest race horses under direct supervision by board certified equine surgeon and veterinarians.  He also went to Connecticut, USA for his small animal medicine, critical care/emergency and ophthalmology externships.

Miguel’s interests are small animal and equine surgery, dentistry and emergency medicine. He also has a special interest in avian and some exotics. In fact, he enjoyed his wildlife rotation during his final year in veterinary school at the Philippine Raptor Center where he gained experience working with the now endangered Philippine eagle (also known as Monkey-Eating Eagle) and where he also did some falconry.

He and his wife, Mai, have a 5 year old cockatiel named Kikay and Hercules, a boston terrier cross they recently adopted. Miguel loves the island life and enjoys hiking, rock climbing, surfing, playing tennis, reading books and watching movies.

Michelle W.           michellew.jpg

Michelle, a Registered Animal Health Technician, graduated from Olds College in 2001 and has been a member of the Shaw Pet and Equine Hospital team since that time. At home Michelle is ruled by 4 cats; Atticus, Willow, Rafiki and Lizzie. Michelle has intershiped for the following organizations: Island Wildlife Natural Care Cenre where she cared for orphaned/injured wildlife, particularly harbour seal pups; Riddle Elephant Sanctuary caring for both Asian and African elephants, and Littleton Equine Hospital providing nursing care for horses at all levels of illness and injury. She also spent 3 months in Thailand volunteering with primates, sunbears, elephants and various other exotic species and a summer visisting South Africa cage diving with Great White Sharks and learning about chemical restraint of African wildlife. In her spare time she and her husband enjoy making lots of tasty vegan treats.

DSCN0001.JPG  Poch

Poch is from the coffee capital of the Philippines -- Batangas.He earned his DVM degree in 2001 at the College of Veterinary Medicine - University of the Philippines.He moved to Victoria in early 2007 and started working as Veterinary Technician at our Central Saanich location.He previously worked as part of a research team at the College of Agriculture - University of the Philippines that dealt with Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer in cattle and genetics in goats.When the research ended he pursued practicing in food animals more specifically in Clinical Nutrition in swine and poultry.

His wife, Sharon, and daughters, Katriona Lois and Kallista Lian, are still in the Philippines with hopes that they will be joining him soon here in Victoria.

Poch has loved the island since he arrived though he needed to adjust with the cold times of the year.

Haley      haley.JPG

Haley is a Registered Veterinary Technician at our Central Saanich location. She has taken programs in Animal care and Parks and Nursery prior to graduating from SenecaCollege, Toronto in 2007. Since high school, Haley has done a lot of travelling with top spots of Prague and France. She also spent 9 months in Edinburgh, Scotland which she considers her favourite place. Aside from travelling, Haley enjoys outdoor activities, painting and taking care of her boy Andre, a 2 year old boxer cross she adopted from SenecaCollege. Andre is a very affectionate dog and loves all sorts of activities, including running, swimming and eating. Haley has strong values in animal welfare and environmental issues, and is currently supporting Greenpeace and Peta.
Haley hopes one day she will have the opportunity to work with Pandas and sea turtles.

Marsha Cole                                marsha.JPG

Marsha  is an animal nurse at our Central SaanichHospital. She is originally from a small town in Nova Scotia. After going to school in Edmonton where she took a Veterinary Assistant course, she decided to move to Victoria.When Marsha is not at work, she enjoys going to the gym, running, travelling, camping, taking landscape photos, spending time with farm animals at the petting zoos and reading books while tanning under the sun. She has a special interest in German Shepherds, post surgical rehabilitation, canine dentistry, and also an advocate against animal cruelty. She also enjoys hiking with her dog named “Spencer”, a German Shepherd/Husky X she adopted from Victoria Pet Adoption Society( VPAS). Spencer was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and a luxated hip when he was surrendered to VPAS. Despite Spencer’ship condition he still enjoys road trips. Marsha plans on having a German Shepherd puppy in the future and would like to continue helping save the ones who can’t speak for themselves.


Michelle H             michelleharrison_1.JPG

Michelle is our Training Co-odinator at Central Saanich Animal Hospital. She works part of the year training staff in the different departments, including: Doctor's Assistant, Reception, & the Boarding Kennels. She has been volunteering with the Victoria Pet Adoption Society (which is run out of the animal hospital) since 2008.
Michelle also works at Insignia College Of Health & Business as the core instructor for the Veterinary Office Management / Animal Health Care Assistant Diploma program.
Michelle has received her Veterinary Management Diploma, and Teaching Diploma. She has plans to attend to more post secondary education, based around Animal rights law studies.

Adawn.jpg  Adawn

Adawn came to us fresh out of College after completing her Veterinary Office Management Course in December 2006. First working at Vetcetera as reception, and since late 2007 has been working at our Central Saanich location as an Overnight Ward Nurse.  After growing up in Kelowna, Adawn moved to Victoria in 1999 and in December 2005 and lost her beloved cat Aroura to renal failure. This tragedy inspired her to do what she does today. When she started working here she only owned one cat, named Kink (because his tail is kinked!) and now has expanded her family to add 3 more lovely cats (Orion, Raccoon and Luna), thanks to Victoria Pet Adoption Society… tallying a total of 4 cats! She is also owned by 2 degu’s named Doris and Peg, a hamster named Harry Plopper and two goldfish named Pooh and Tigger. When she is not working, Adawn loves bringing her cats out in their fancy outdoor enclosure and relaxing in the sun with family and friends. In the future Adawn see’s herself becoming a wildlife technician and following her dreams to work with endangered species specifically big cats like Tigers, Lions, Leopards etc.

carol.jpg  Carol

Carol came to Shaw Pet Hospitals in March 2009, initially working in the Boarding department. She now works in the lab and pharmacy at the Central Saanich location, with occasional forays into other areas when needed. She lives with a 10 year old cockatiel named Jake, who has graciously allowed a senegal parrot named Maeby and 2 cats, Tizer and Wigwam, to join the family. She is particularly interested in parrot behaviour, welfare, and medicine.

 Jenn and Taz.jpg  JennG

Jenn is a self-proclaimed work-a-holic, working for Shaw Pet Hospitals while finishing up on her degree in Microbiology.  She loves all animals great and small, and plans to go on to pursue a career as a veterinarian after graduation. Growing up in Kamloops BC established her as a life-long horsegirl, and she currently competes with the UVic Equestrian hunter/jumper team.  Because she lives in an apartment near the university, the only animal friend Jenn can live with is her Beta fish ?, but she can't wait until she has a yard big enough to contain a hyperactive lab puppy once more!

Jenn is currently working as the assistant to the rotation doctors, but has also worked overnights and boarding shifts.

Caitlin.jpg   Caitlin R

Caitlin moved from Ontario to Victoria in 2006 to be closer to her family. She attended St. Lawrence college in Kingston Ontario where she graduated from their Veterinary Assistant program. A self proclaimed night owl, she started on the night shift in May 2007 but as of April 2009 has taken over as Boarding Supervisor. When not at work she enjoys spending her free time with her two cats Logan-her 11 year old therapy cat who visits Aberdeen hospital on Mondays, and Stormie-who joined her home in 2008 after being adopted from VPAS. She also loves reading anything she can get her hands on, drawing and painting, watching movies and playing videos games.

 Scott scott_website_picture.jpg

Scott works night-shifts and weekends at our Saanich hospital.   He owns two cats (both adopted from VPAS), one dog and has always loved animals.  In addition, he loves sports, playing basketball, volleyball, and hockey. Scott enjoys board games, especially those strategy games demanding critical thinking. He’s a recipient of multiple scholarships and awards for volunteering, community leadership, sports and academics, including the prestigious Premier's Excellency awarded to the top 20 all around students in the province.  As an aspiring actor, Scott has performed in plays and performances all his life, and is presently working as a commercial/television actor in Vancouver. He attends Uvic, and is studying towards a Biology/Russian double-major.  Scott hopes to enroll into Vet School after graduation, with a view to the eventual specialisation of preserving endangered species.

Samara Samara.jpg 

  Samara was born in Whitehorse, Yukon and lived there until the age of five.  Her formative years were spent in Parkville, Vancouver Island, where she was able to indulge her passion for horses. Following the need to improve her riding, Samara migrated to Victoria, joining Shaw Pet Hospitals after a stint with another clinic. Samara is one of our full-time boarding staff members. Presently she is completing some schooling, and intends to study to become a veterinary technician. Samara has always loved animals, and in her spare time can be found riding her horse Millie, or just hanging out at the barn. She also loves her cat Diesel.





Kathy T   Kathy_T_and_Ozzy.jpg

Kathy started working as a receptionist in June 2004 in all 3 hospitals. Shortly after that she started to work exclusively at the Hollywood location and has been there full time ever since. She is married and they recently rescued a 2 year old miniature Australian shepherd “Ozzy” who comes to work with her as the official Hollywood “meet and greeter” so he can earn his meals and learn trust in the world again. In her spare time Kathy cooks, reads and watches movies, spends time in nature hiking, boating, camping or cruising around with her husband on the motorcycle. Kathy has grown up with horses, dogs, cats, gerbils and at one time had 5 various fish tanks with rare and exotic species. She has worked in pet stores and horse stables.

Catherine_Clayton.jpg   Catherine

Catherine has been working as a receptionist at Shaw Pet Hospitals since graduating from Parkland secondary school in 2000. She recently graduated from the University of Victoria with a degree in biology and environmental studies. Catherine is interested in animal rescue and currently runs the adoption program at Victoria Pet Adoption Society.  Catherine has recently taken several trips to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (the world's largest animal sanctuary) for volunteer experience and continuing education in hopes of improving the quality of life for shelter animals here in Victoria. At home Catherine has a barrage of furry friends: "Kiedis", "Jinxie", and "Monkee." All 3 cats adopted from Victoria Pet Adoption Society.

Louise_Sorenson.jpg   Louise 

Louise has been working as a receptionist at Shaw Pet Hospitals since 2002. She and her husband have a very busy household with 3 teenage children and a menagerie of pets that include "Oddyssy" a border collie that ran with the Great Canadian Hotdogs for a time. 2 Cats "Panda" & "Rambo", an African Grey Parrot named "Lady Bird" (but would be rightfully named "Miss Piggy") and last but not least, 2 lizards "Spike," a Bearded Dragon, and "Ivy," a Chinese Water Dragon. Prior to working for Shaw Pet Hospitals Louise was the proud proprietor of Wiskers & Waggs Pet Supplies in SookeBC. Her passion lies within the exotics and she practiced parrot husbandry for several years.

Jenna M

Jenna recently moved to Victoria from Powell River to attend the University of Victoria. She has two horses, a purebred Arabian named Carey, whom she's had for 12 years and her new event prospect, Esprit, a 5 yr old Arab/Canadian cross. Jenna has been riding since she was very young, and has always had a house full of dogs, two of which were validated for Search and Rescue. She loves to spend time with her horses, trail riding, eventing, and dressage on her spare time.

Laura Vanderberg

Laura has been working at Shaw Pet Hospitals for about 1 year now and is absolutely loving it. She is mainly at Vetcetera Pet Hospital and occasionally at our Hollywood location when needed. She lives with an adorable, yet timid, female rotti/shepherd named Brooklyn that just turned 5 years old and a crazy kitty named Kitty(that is my sister's) who is about 1 1/2 year old. In the future she plans on going to college to better futher her knowlege in animal care/health and get a business management degree so hopefully one day she can manage her own practice.

Jen   Jen K New.JPG

After graduating from FWCI in Ontario, Jen worked at various veterinary practices in Alberta and B.C. before finding her home here in Vancouver Island.

She has been working in the veterinary field for six years as doctors assistant, and now is our Client Care Representative here at Shaw Pet Hospitals.

Jen has a very large canine family which includes her two Dogue De Bordeaux’s “Hanna” and “Vito”, a Pug Chihuahua X “Mona”, an English Bulldog “Baxter”, and the newest addition, little “Fergie”, the French Bulldog.

While Jen is not at work with us, she is out enjoying nature, walking, camping, and really enjoys music and art.

Although all aspects of veterinary care are of an interest for her, she is especially into learning about large breed dogs and the common diseases that they are predisposed to.

Katie Riding_006.JPG

Katie joined the Shaw pet and equine hospitals team in 2003 as the boarding supervisor and came back in September 2008 as a receptionist. Katie's biggest passion in life is animals, expecially horses! At the moment Katie is working on pre-requisites at Camosun College to get into the Animal Health technologist program at Olds College in Alberta. Katie took the Animal care aid course at Malaspina college then worked in a Veterinary clinic while volunteering at the Parksville SPCA. In the Summer of 2007 Katie decided to go the Kelowna where she worked at a Veterinary clinic and spending her free time working with horses and assisting with horse shoeing.

In her spare time you will see Katie at the barn with her horse "Tanzi" (Breeding Stock Paint), walking her dogs, "Dash" (Dachshund), "Lassie" (Lab), and the newest edition "Sadie" (lab/ healer X). Katie also likes to enjoy the company of her two cats "Jenga" and "Charlie". She also enjoys Basketball, movies and hanging out with friends.

Julie R  Julie_Rivers.jpg

Julie has just completed a Pharmacy Technician program in October 2009 and will now be Shaw Pet and Equine Hospitals’ first resident Pharmacy Technician. Her home base will be the Central Saanich location. She has been working in various positions with us since September 2006, although she has been working in the veterinary industry since 2004. In her spare time she enjoys birding, reading, frolicking with her boxer Jasmine, petting her three kitties – Beast, Cannibus, and Seven-of-Nine, and providing a wonderful environment for her White’s Tree Frog , Finnegan. She has just applied to be a foster home for Without Borders Boxer Rescue and looks forward to sharing her home with boxers in need.


Tamara L               tamara.JPG

Tamara was born in South Africa and lived there until she was eight years old. She came to Canada in 1998 after spending 4 years sailing on a 40-foot catamaran with her family. Tamara joined the Shaw Pet Hospital team in 2006 and has loved every minute of it! Tamara is currently completing the online Animal Health Technology through Olds College in Alberta and will be graduating in October 2010.  When she isn't working or busy doing school work, Tamara can usually be found making jewelry and hair accessories, or making cat toys for her ex-feral kitten, Papi.

Kirsten          Kirstenphoto.jpg

Kirsten started working for Shaw Pet Hospitals in January 2008, and she is using this current opportunity to learn more about the animal care field.  Her previous experience is in the dog boarding and day care. She also spent two and a half years working with sled dogs in the Arctic.  Her interests in the veterinary field include nutrition, injury prevention and recovery, and pain management, with more to be added I am sure.  She is also excited to be learning more about cats, horses and other species treated at the hospital.  Kirsten currently has no pets, but in years to come hopes to find a 'rough and ready' four-legged friend to share some outdoor fun with. She now works as our full-time laboratory assistant.




Jody began grooming in 1985 and started at Shaw Pet Hospitals in 2002. Jody expertly grooms all breeds of both cats and dogs according to breed specifications or to individual preference. She has a special touch for those pets that are not too fond of being groomed, and pays particular attention to detail. She is a member of WAGS. When she is not busy making pets look their best Jody can usually be found with her 18 year old son, Dale, her 14 year old Canadian special dog "Shadoe" and her 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier "Crockett" at the nearest lacrosse box tossing the ball around. Jody recently added "Tubbs" a French Bulldog cross to her family.


Renata has recently joined our team after working at Petcetera. She started grooming in 1993 and has developed her skills to work in the show and competition ring. She excels at hand scissoring and also does hand stripping. Renata has a collection of animals at home ranging from reptiles to dogs. Currently she is working at our Hollywood location but as soon as the new location is finished renovations she will be returning to the Burnside area. Renata is a Certified Master Groomer, a member of the Western Professional Dog Groomers Association (WAGS), International Pet Groomer Association (IPGA) and the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC).


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