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Surgery Appointments

All our hospitals perform surgeries on a regular basis. Standard procedures like spays and neuters and dental cleanings are done at all 3 locations, while more advanced procedures like orthopedic and endoscopic guided surgeries are done at our Central Saanich location.

All surgeries need to be booked in advance and for the most part are considered day surgeries, although some surgeries do require overnight stays, the doctor will go over this with you.

All surgeries are booked after a pre-anesthetic consultation is done with the doctor. This pre-anesthetic appointments consists of a physical exam, discussion of the procedure and various options, taking a blood sample for the "As Safe As Possible" package, booking the surgery and if the owner wishes, the doctor will write up a treatment plan for the owner to take home. The hospital admission forms will also be filled out during this appointment.

All surgical patients are fasted before surgery. This means that your pet is not allowed any food after midnight the night before surgery and no water after 7am the day of surgery. All patients are given a drop off time for the morning of the surgery which ranges from 8am to 9:30am depending on the hospital.

A basic surgery day follows the same pattern at every hospital.

Patients are admitted in the morning. They are given another physical exam to ensure no changes have occured since their last appointment which may affect the upcoming surgery. Once this has been completed the appropiate area is set up. This can include a heating pad to keep them warm during surgery, blankets, oxygen carts are connected to supply oxygen as well as inhalent anesthetics, appropiate dental equipment, sterile surgerical supplies and tools are placed on their table so the doctor has easy access to them. 

The animal is given a sedative to help them stay calm during their IV placement and general anesthetic. The patient is hooked up to monitoring equipment so that the doctors and technicians can monitor things like heart rate and breathing. Each surgery is supervised by a doctor, veterinary assistant and technican.

Once the surgery is over, the patient is monitored as they start to become conscious while still on the surgical table. When they are awake enough, the breathing tube is removed and they are moved to recover in a kennel with a warm blanket and hot water bottle. They are checked about every 5 minutes as they continue to wake up until they are able to stand up on their own and move about. Depending on the patient this may take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. Once the doctor is satisified with their condition they are able to go home. This is usually late in the afternoon.

A few days after the surgery takes place we will call to find out how they are doing at home and go over any questions you may have. As always, we encourage owners to call if they have the slightest concern about their pets recovery.


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