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Thank you for considering referral of your patient to our Nuclear Medicine Facility 

When you refer a patient to us for any reason, all pre-treatment and post treatment testing and any post treatment client contact will be left to you unless you specifically request us to provide these services.

To speak to a Dr or staff member about the I-131 program please contact Kathy at the Hollywood clinic.  Kathy can answer many of your questions or she can arrange for Dr. Shaw or Dr. Parkinson to call you to discuss your case. It is useful to review the pre-trement check list below. You may also download a PDF of the check list for your reference.  Download Checklist Here. You may also contact us by email at shawpethosptals@shaw.ca

Checklist for Referral

1) A thorough physical examination to determine any detectable concurrent disease

2) CBC , Chemistry Panel, Urinalysis and T4 within 30 days of referral. Please note that in house chemistry machine may give semiqualitative results especially in regard the the T4 levels. For this reason we request that all lab work with the exception of U/A be performed at a reference lab. We would also like to know T4 level at the time of diagnosis and the highest level the T4 has been measured at.  Note that we are interested in the renal concentrating ability so it is important to obtain a first am urine sample.   For more information on treatment of hyperthyroidism and unmasking renal disease please see this link. I131 and renal Dz

3) Any cat with a detectable heart murmur should be considered for an ECG and an Echocardiogram (we can provide the echo exam if you feel it appropriate) to determine the extent if any of HCM and try to predict the risk of imminent emolism. It is not desirable to treat a patient with I131 that is already a ticking time bomb for thromboembolism!

4) Chest and abdominal radiographs are recommended  (but not strictly required)  to look for any abnormal masses or signs of heart disease that would negatively affect the patients future prognosis. We do not need to see the radiographs, we only suggest you take them and evaluate for thoracic or abdominal disease prior to completing the referal.

5) Please provide the animals current body weight.

6) Information regarding any medical therapy for hyperthyroidism in particular Methimazole dates and doses and what response was obtained.

The referral form is designed to give us specific information to help with the review process. Please fill it out completely and send it along with any additional information necessary.

Download Referral Form Here

Patients are required to stay for 7 days. Currently we admit and discharge patients on Wednesday of each week. Once we have discharged your patient there are a few simple follow up recommendations. We will provide detailed discharge instructions to both you and your client.

1) Have your client return 30 days post-treatment for thyroid testing.

2) If all is going well, have your client return again at 3, 6 and 12 months for continued thyroid testing.

3)Yearly thyroid testing is recommended after this.

If at anytime you have questions concerning care or lab results please don't hesitate to contact us.


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