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Web Links

Web Links

Disaster Preparedness

BCSPCA Disaster Preparedness; Lots of good info from the SPCA

HSUS Equine Disaster Information; Information on preparing for the unexpected for Horses from the Human Society of the United States

More from HSUS pertaining to ALL species;

Emergency Preparedness from Citizen Canine;

Provincial Emergency Program;

United Animal Rescue's Emegency Animal Rescue (EARs) program;

Rescue Groups

Victoria Pet Adoption Society : A local rescue group that works out of our Central Saanich location. It rehomes rescued pets, provides medical attention and works with local groups to spay and neuter feral cats.

Victoria Adoptables : A "one-stop" website that showcases many rescue groups with animals that need new homes.

BCSPCA : British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. From this page you can access SPCA location all over BC.

Petfinder : Search Canadian and American databases to find an adoptable pet.

Kennel Clubs

Canadian Kennel Club : Canadian resource for purebred dog breeds.

American Kennel Club : American resource for purebred dog breeds.

Cat Fanciers' Association : World's largest registry of pedigree cats.

Veterinary Information

American Animal Hospital Association

Healthy Pet : AAHA Pet Owners Website

British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association

Why you should spay and neuter your pet

Veterinary Partner : For Pet Owners

Pet Dental Care

Merck Veterinary Manual

Animal Poison Control : This is a information service only. If you believe your pet has ingested poison, contact your veterinarian IMMEDIATELY.

Equicast: A  great site with videos on casting laminitic feet and on use of the wooden shoe

Pet Loss Support

Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement

Tufts University Pet Loss Support

Other sites

Citizen Canine



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