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Boarding for your special needs dog or cat is offered at our Central Saanich location. For those animals that need special care like medications and injections or have special restrictions or even if they are elderly and you want veterinary supervision so they can be observed and treated as necessary. For your peace of mind, we are here to help. Call today to stop by for a visit or to reserve a kennel.

Our cat kennels are housed in a quiet room away from the hustle of the clinic. Each cat has their own kennel which has a separate sleeping spot higher up so they can feel safer. If they wish they can come out to play during the day to stretch their legs and explore the room. Litter boxes are changed at least twice a day, or more if needed and fresh food and water is put out twice daily or to your specifications. We supply Medi-cal Weight Control food for the adult cat and Medi-cal Development for the kittens, but if you wish to bring your own food we will certainly use it for your cat.

Dogs are housed in individual kennels with no direct view or contact with other dogs. This minimizes their stress exposure.. They are exercised first thing in the morning while meals are being prepared. Kennels are cleaned at least twice a day providing new fluffy bedding and fresh water. We provide premium qualtiy Medi-cal pet food products however if you prefer, you may bring your pet's own food for us to use.  Dogs are walked (unless on medically prescribed restricted exercise programs) at least twice daily. We can adapt any part of our regular boarding routine to meet your pet's special needs, just let us know what they are.



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