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Facts about Dental Care Brochure

Three simple steps to ensure good dental health

Only your veterinarian is trained to maintain your pets oral health. Don’t waste your money or risk your pets health on imitators!

1)Take your pet to the Doctor for a dental exam and cleaning on a regular basis. Most pets need dental prophylaxis annually.

2)Begin regular dental care at home under the guidance of your veterinarian

3)Continue with regular dental checkups.

Shaw Pet Hospitals has the following available for your pets good dental health.

  • Trained Veterinarians and Technicians who can evaluate and treat your pets dental disease
  • High quality equipment to scale, polish, section and extract your pets teeth in a professional manner
  • Dental x-ray equipment to properly evaluate the root and bone structure of your pets mouth and formulate an appropriate treatment plan
  • Dental Diets: Hills t/d and Medi-cal Dental Formula
  • Treats: C.E.T
  • Pet safe toothpaste and various tooth brushes

Does my pet really need their teeth cleaned?


Our pets teeth and dental care requirements are very similar to our own. We brush our teeth daily to ensure they stay clean and to fight tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontal disease.

You cat or dog can develop the same problems if they are left untreated. Infact, when left for long periods of time, tooth and gum disease can lead to other health concerns including liver, heart and kidney failure.

Did you know that not only is regular cleaning available, but also root canals, dental x-rays, orthodontics, crowns, caps and periodontal surgery. 

Be sure to discuss your pets dental care program each time you visit one of our veterinarians!.

A day of dental care for your cat or dog at Shaw Pet Hospitals.

“Missy” has arrived for a regular wellness exam. Upon which the Doctor recommends a dental cleaning. You schedule the appointment and bring “Missy” in a few days later….

“Missy” is given a preanesthetic physical exam upon arrival. She gets a sedative to calm her nerves followed by a safe modern anesthetic agent.

Once fully sedated, the doctor and technician give her a complete oral exam to check on the condition of her teeth and gums. This also allows them to see if any extractions or x-rays are necessary.


Her teeth are scaled, polished and treated with flouride, both above and below the gumline and a dental chart is completed.

Once the dental is finished "Missy" is allowed to wake up in a soft bed of warm blankets and heating pads. By late afternoon, Missy is ready to go home with homecare instructions, pain medication if needed and recommendations from the Doctor. Her mouth is much healthier and the dangers of unchecked periodontal disease have been dealt with!


Dog presented with a fractured canine tooth with pulp exposed. The dental probe penetrated through the pulp cavity.


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