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Welcome to Grooming! How can we clean you today?

Renata is now working at our Hollywood location!

Shaw Pet Hospitals offers grooming at both our Hollywood and Central Saanich locations. Please call to book an appointment or for more details. We consider grooming to be an important part of caring for your pets general health. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the body and is just as important as the heart, lungs or kidneys when it comes to health care!

Central Saanich Hours:

Tuesday/Thursday starting at 8:30am by appointment   (250)-652-4312               

Hollywood Hours:

Jody:Wednesday/Friday starting at 9:00am by appointment.  (250)-370-7734

Renata: Monday starting at 9:00am by appointment (250)-370-7734

Last minute appointments may be available at each location, please call ahead for confirmation.

Some of our services include: Shear off, Bath and Tidy, Bath and Blowdry, Nail Clipping, Face and Feet Trims (great for in-between grooming appointments) and Breed Specific clips. Renata also does hand stripping and hand scissoring.



We Do Cat Clipping Too!! For those fabulous felines we can do baths, dematting,

brush-outs and lion clips.



Benefits of Having Your Pet Groomed at Hollywood Pet Hospital

  • Book your grooming the same day as your veterinary appointment to save you time and travel
  • We can supply and apply flea treatment at time of grooming if requested or required
  • We offer sedation grooming
  • We can use medicated shampoos
  • If Jody or Renata is concerned about something we can offer your pet an appointment with a doctor.
  • Elderly patients with serious health problems can be monitored during their grooming



About Our Groomers

Jody has been grooming in Victoria for more than 20 years. She grooms all breeds of dogs and cats to owner specifications or according to breed specifications. She is always happy to meet potential clients and owners to discuss grooming options and give home management suggestions.  

Renata has been grooming since 1993. She grooms all breeds of dogs and will also clip bird feathers, and clip nails on pocket pets, reptiles and birds. She is a Certified Master Groomer and grooms many pets for the show ring and personally competes in grooming shows taking ribbons in many classes. She excels at hand scissoring and also does hand stripping.

A day at the Salon...

"Sonia" arrives at 9am for her grooming appointment. She is greeted and taken to the grooming area. Once there she is examined for matting, has her nails clipped and the hair between her pads shaved. The excess coat is taken off with shears for faster drying time.

"Sonia" gets a warm bath with a shampoo appropiate for her, has her ears cleaned and is towel dried after a complete rinsing to get her squeeky clean. Drying is done in multiple stages, first the water is blown off her coat and then she is put into her kennel for drying. The final stage is using a large stand-up hair dryer that is blown over the coat while Jody brushes her out and completes the clip.

One final brush is run through the coat and the final inspection and "Sonia" is all finished and ready to go home.


Before and After...

This is Harry at the start of his grooming.


His coat will be sheared off with clippers in the direction of hair growth. 


His coat is nearly gone. Once finished, the excess hair will be taken off his head and then its time for a bath.


Bath Time! He gets a nice warm bath and a body massage. His shampoo is selected to match his coat type. When he's done his coat will literally be squeaky clean.

Harry bath_1.jpg

He will be dryed and have a final clipping and tidy with scissors. He is then ready for his family to take him home and he is all ready for spring.




Kodi thoughfully offered his before and after pictures for our website. He was badly matted all over, but after Jody cleaned him up with a bath and shear off he was ready for summer fun.




 These are show clips done by Renata...


This westie is hand stripped for the show ring. The coat is left longer than a shear off westie with a skirt and the head is rounded.

Wht St Poodle front facing hand scissored_1.JPG

This standard poodle has been hand scissored all over. It leaves the coat looking like velvet but is requires far more upkeep and regular grooming than a poodle which has been sheared off.



  Your New Puppy...                   

Getting your new puppy ready for the grooming experience is an important one. Start out by touching your puppies feet and nails all the time. Hold them in different positions, play with their ears, lift their tail up and practice brushing at home.

Puppies can have their first official "Puppy Play Bath" as soon as their vaccine series is finished at 16 weeks. Up until then, Jody can give you some great tips for working with them at home, to help them get used to the bath and weird noises they might encounter.

The Puppy Play Bath is a fun experience for the puppy to get used to the running water, the bath tub, the sound of clippers and dryers. They will learn to stand and sit at the table (also excellent for basic obedience) and finally they will get used to being in a kennel for short periods of time (another excellent lifetime tool).

Your puppy will have a bit of fun, gain some good experience, get treats and you will go home with some great tips on brushing and cleaning while at home.



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