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Shaw's DoctorsOur company started in 1985 from a small mobile home on the corner of Stelly's and Wallace, the current site of the Central Saanich Animal Hospital. At that time we consisted of one doctor and one staff member! From those humble beginnings, we have grown to be one of the largest practices in the province! We have 7 doctors and 30 support staff involving technicians, doctors assistants, receptionists and boarding staff. Since our inception we have served over 40,000 families in the Victoria area.

Our hospitals provide a wide variety of medical and surgical treatments for dogs, cats, horses, birds and exotic animal species. We also offer pet boarding, behavior counseling, dog training and grooming services to our clients. Since our inception, we have provided important veterinary services to over 24,000 Victoria pet owners! Our goals are to provide the highest quality care, including preventative care and sick animal care available to pets animals in using our technology our training and our humanity.

We offer every patient the best care we can. We are committed to educating both our clients and ourselves. We believe in life long learning and are committed to it! We will never be the reason your pet does not get the care it needs. We believe in keeping our technology up to date and invest heavily every year in the equipment and staff development needed to make sure you and your pet get what you need and deserve! We understand how much your pet means to you and we will always honor the special bond that exists between you.

Our motto evolved from the attitude of our staff:
Pets are our passion!

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Our Information Policy:
We value your privacy. Except as requested by you or as required in a medical emergency, we will never release any information about you or your pets to any third party.

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